Welcome to The Heritage Companies.

The Heritage Companies is a comprehensive real estate development and investment firm

with offices in Boston and throughout Massachusetts' South Shore.


A leading, Boston-area firm, The Heritage Companies and its principals have been responsible for the development of thousands
of housing units throughout New England,
as well as many office, hotel, and retail
properties in the region.

Among its many achievements, Heritage has developed and incorporated over one thousand residential units through the rehabilitation
and re-use of mill-type and older properties.


What differentiates our firm, and the quality
of our projects, is our in-house capability
and "single responsibility" approach to
real estate development.

Heritage Construction Company and Heritage Management Company, our affiliates, allow us
to take a project from conception through completion. This saves time, money, and adds efficiency to create a competitive advantage in the fast-paced Massachusetts real estate development arena.


From site selection, planning, financing, acquisitions, approvals & permitting, to
design, construction management, materials selection, subcontracting and direct labor —
our team is on the job from start to finish, maximizing the project's value, aesthetically
and functionally. Because the management
team consults with the construction side,
life-cycle costs are considered and integrated.